Ludovico Spagnolo

Co-founder, Digital marketing manager

Simone Paoli

Co-founder, Art director

Stefano Scarpitti

Co-founder, Production manager

Cristina Lafata

Social media manager

Ilaria Fiorito

Community manager

Lara Gallo


Laura Torta

Translator (Spanish, French)

Kimberley Smith

Translator (English)

Matteo Bonino

UI designer

Francesca Sperti

Graphic designer

Sara Gironi Carnevale


Mauro Ujetto


Gianluca Mamino

Camera department - DOP

Davide Oddone

Camera department - Colorist

Stefania Ghironi

Video editor

Tania Ciurca

Motion graphic designer

Arianna Gaia

Data analyst

Sara De Martino

Data analyst


The consulting firm Litheman provides external support to companies that want to compete and stand out in the current economic landscape.
The partnership with Litheman offers to Forestae the possibility to provide companies with a more robust and comprehensive strategic approach.

Forword is a team of translation professionals, able to offer the highest quality services for the translation of texts and videos. The partnership with Forword offers Forestae customers the possibility to locate contents in all major European languages.