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Social media

Building and maintaining instant relationships, every day, with its own community. Over the last years social networks have proved to be powerful tools able to reach and involve billions of people. At the same time, they have proved to be sophisticated means: the result of their action depends on a number of variables and their rules are constantly changing.

In this context, organisations wishing to tell their story and to reach their goals by the means of social networks need a solid strategic and operational partner.

Forestae is known for its ability to:

  • Create communication and marketing strategies integrated with social networks;
  • Design, create and distribute contents for social networks;
  • Promote contents through a plan of adv campaigns on social networks;
  • Manage social profiles, with customer care and community management activities;
  • Produce reports and track KPIs.

Our latest projects

Formento Restauri

Instagram & Facebook

Formento Restauri






Creative Mornings

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Instagram & Facebook

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